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Earthstone Solid Surface Worktops All Sizes & Colours

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Earthstone Solid Surface Worktops All Sizes & Colours

Consisting of a 6mm acrylic surface bonded to a 28mm chipboard core, each Earthstone product in our collection is made to a consistently high standard. They’re available in a range of timeless, attractive colours: the light, airy Glacier finish will brighten up any kitchen thanks to its clean, smooth design, and its soft, appealing texture further reinforces its status as a luxury product. What’s more, its seamless joins give the impression of a bespoke work surface designed just for you and your home.

Whichever finish you choose, though, you can rest assured Earthstone will be a firm fixture in your kitchen thanks to its incredibly robust construction. It’ll hold up against knocks, stains and scratches thanks to its tough exterior, but in the event it does get marked, minor scratches can be taken care of with a scotchbrite pad. Indeed, Earthstone has a huge advantage over granite: large scratches or even breakages can often be repaired by an installer, where granite might need more expensive work carrying out. And as an added bonus, the Earthstone worktop can be easily installed without templating or specialists, making it an even more attractive prospect.

An earthstone worksurface can transform your kitchen by providing an attractive, long-lasting feature that is both tough and easy to maintain.

To help you make your choice, we've got important information below on planning, care and maintenance, along with some example installation diagrams of the most common kitchen layouts.

Cleaning and Care

Earthstone worksurfaces are easily maintained and simply require a regular wipe down with a mild detergent and water. With very little maintenance the surface can be returned to its original condition and look new longer than any other kitchen surface.

Never cut anything directly on the worksurface surface, and always use a heat protective pad for any hot items taken directly from the oven or cooker.

Clean your earthstone worksurface daily with a mild detergent and water. Follow with a warm water rinse and a gentle buff to dry the surface.

Once a week after cleaning, apply a thin coat of polish to return the worksurface to its original, pristine condition. Wipe off any excess polish using a clean microfibre cloth.



Scuffs and Scratches

One of the key advantages of choosing an earthstone worksurfaces is its repairability.

Slight scratches or dents can be easily removed with a moist cleaning pad, applying pressure in uniform circular motions.

Follow with your weekly cleaning regime, ensuring that the whole worksurface is polished.

Severe scratches and deep dents can be removed by a simple sanding process. Depending on your skill and ability this procedure may have to be performed by a professional tradesman.




Earthstone worksurfaces have a solid, non-porous surface resistant to stains, mould, mildew and bacteria growth.

We recommend normal everyday spills be wiped away without delay using a damp cloth to avoid any potential staining. If any discoloration appears due to coffee, tea or fruit juices or marks caused by cigarette burns the following procedure should be followed.

Please note - depending on the nature of the stain the treatment may become more intense. Ensure you test the respective method before it is extensively applied.

The first stage is to clean the surface using a mild detergent and water.

If the stain remains try an even mix of domestic bleach and warm water making sure you protect your hands with gloves.

For more stubborn stains apply a non-abrasive cream cleaner to a non-abrasive nylon brush and rub gently over the stain.

Finally, if the previous methods fail try rubbing the area in a circular motion with a Scotch-Brite type pad in warm, soapy water.

At the end of each stage rinse with warm water, gently buff dry the surface and apply polish across the whole surface.

If the stain persists we recommend you contact a professional tradesman who will return the worksurface to its original installation condition and apply the full sanding and finishing treatment.



Resistance to Heat

Earthstone worksurfaces can become damaged if hot pans, earthenware or dishes are placed directly from the oven or cooker.

It is advisable to always protect the worksurface with a mat or stainless steel grating.

We also recommend that pans match the size of the hotplate and do not extend beyond the heat source around the hob.

Resistance to Chemicals

Earthstone worksurfaces are basically resistant to the effect of chemicals, although aggressive substances may leave marks in the case of lengthy exposure. Such damaged finishes can easily be restored, however, please always ensure that finishes do not come into constant contact with aggressive chemical substances such as paint thinner, turpentine, nail varnish remover (acetone) or oven or drain cleaners for lengthy periods.



Straight & Mitre Joints

To ensure a clean square edge use a straight edge guide offset to suit the router for both end and butt joints.

To minimise material waste we recommend a 90° mason's mitre joint using a purpose made jig (refer to the jig manufacturer's instructions).

It is recommended to router through the worksurface in 3 incremental stages with the worksurface positioned as follows:

- Left hand 90° joint 
- Female joint router face up 
- Male joint router face down 
- Right hand 90° joint 
- Female joint router face down 
- Male joint router face up


Cut-Outs - Sinks & Hobs

Cut-outs can be formed using a hand router and a suitable jig or template.

Clamp the jig to the face of the earthstone worksurface and cut round in 3 stages of 12mm depth increment. Similarly, with a template mark out the desired cut-out using a pencil, again following the outline and cutting in 3 stages.

Always ensure all internal corners of the cut-out are rounded using a drill with a minimum 10mm radius.

Thoroughly clean the edges of the cut-out and the surface ensuring all dust and shavings have been removed.

Sink cut-outs must be completely sealed using a 2 mm thick bead of clear, water resistant silicone.

All hob cut-outs require a 50mm wide heat reflective tape around all the raw edges making sure the tape overhangs both the surface and underside of the cut-out.




Cutting Earthstone Worksurfaces

Cutting of earthstone worksurfaces can be carried out using a portable hand-held circular saw. Ensure a good quality sharp triple fine tooth tungsten carbide tipped blade is used and make two cutting passes:

1st cut set saw blade depth at 10mm,

2nd cut set saw blade depth at 40mm.

Final trimming should be made with a router. Allow 5mm oversize to trim to the final size with the router.

Position the worksurface to begin cutting in from the factory fitted edge.


Never finish the cut through a fitted edge. Always proceed carefully when cutting towards and through the front edge, this will reduce the possibility of chipping or flaking. Ensure the cut is cleaned to allow for a good bond and finish to the joint.

All joint edges and final finished ends must be cut using a hand router with a sharp blade.




One of the main design features of earthstone worksurfaces is their smooth, seamless appearance. Please inspect your worksurface fully prior to cutting, jointing or installation to ensure that there are no visible imperfections and defects.

Handling and storage

Before handling, ensure that adequate manpower is available to safely lift the worksurface..

When carrying the worksurface manually, we advise that it is held vertically along the width.

Earthstone worksurfaces must always be stored in a ventilated, dry, enclosed area within the recommended temperature, face up, flat and supported on batons every 1000mm, starting 100mm in from both ends.

During installation, earthstone worksurfaces can be stored vertically on the back long edge - not the finished edge - for short periods of time.

You should also ensure that the edge touching the floor is protected against damage.


Prior to commencing installation ensure that earthstone worksurfaces, splashbacks, upstands and adhesives are brought up to room temperature of around 18°C (64.4°F).

Colour tolerances

Earthstone worksurfaces are factory finished to a 240 grit surface ready for immediate installation.

Whilst manufactured to strict colour tolerances it is advisable to check all components prior to commencing installation.

Lightly sand a small area of each worksurface using a fine Scotch-Brite type pad.

Clean off any dust and compare colours.

Should there be an unacceptable colour variance, please contact your supplier before commencing installation. Claims for colour variation cannot be made after installation.


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